Giant A+ Rewards Program                    

Register your Giant Bonus Card with GES and every time you shop at Giant between October and March  a percent of all your purchases will be donated back to GES!  If you registered your card last year, there is no need to do it again.  If you never registered your Giant Bonus card, please go to:

     School ID #24185



Funds raised to date:

2014 - 2015: $4,059.57

2015 - 2016: $5,034.19

2016 - 2017: $5,068.66

2017 - 2018: let's make this the best year yet!



Please be sure to sign up your card, along with your friends, family and neighbors!  The more cards we sign up, the more money we raise for our school!   Any questions, please contact Stacey Williams at




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