Grandparent/Grandfriend Day

March 27, 2020

Grandparents and other older people are very special

in children’s lives – so here’s a day just for them!

Grandparent’s Day recognizes the importance of our heritage,

our community, and relationships across generations.


We generally have over 900 grandparents and

grand-friends visit on this day alone. 


Many, many volunteers are needed to make this a special experience

for everyone involved.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact

Sarah Pensyl at


Click Here to Register Online

for Grandparent's Day


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Send In Letters for Grandparents


Online Volunteer Form


Snack and Breakfast Donations



Students will be sharing their reading and writing experiences with their grandparents during this event.  In order to help our students understand that reading and writing are lifelong skills, we encourage grandparents to bring something of their own along with them. 


4th and 5th Grade

Teachers would like the grandparents to bring a book and/or photo album to share. 


4th-grade students will write a story about their grandparent's shared memories.


5th-grade students will interview their grandparents to compare and contrast their experiences. 



We look forward to seeing many grandparents for this special day!

In the situation that a child does not have a grandparent available,

a special someone can fulfill the role upon requesting.


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